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Kick Darts 1 Golf Darts

Kick Darts and Golf Darts is here!!

Kick Darts is a brand new game that’s enjoyed by people of every age. The air-inflated dartboard is covered with Velcro; players will then aim the softballs at the board. The sport is then scored the same as normal darts, or you could decide to take part for fun and not keep score. By merging two games together, this sport targets lovers of both activities and brings them together to perform a really entertaining activity. One of the biggest advantages of this game is that it can be played by anyone regardless of footballing ability and skill. Since the rules can be made by you, there is no limit on how far away the ball can be kicked. If the players involved are slightly less talented with a football, the ball can be kicked from up close to the board to ensure that the game is fair for everyone. However, the game does not need to be competitive. Quite commonly, the darts are bought to allow a group of friends to have a kickabout.

Foot darts in surrounding areas are a great way to bring your friends together. Not only is football darts extremely fun to play, it can also help improve health and fitness since you will be kicking velcro soccer balls at the inflatable board. The FootDarts inflatable game is available at a great price. As professional footballdarts suppliers, we will get you the best value for money to ensure you’re satisfied with the product

***NEW*** – Why not add a twist with new Golf Darts.  Exactly the same as Kick Darts except using a Golf Club with Tennis Balls.  Great for any Golf Club Promotional Day or to run alongside our Kick Darts.

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