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Laser Tag 2 Laser Tag 1

The Lazer tag is an inflatable arena which forms a covered all weather playing area of approximately 1,000 square feet meaning its HUGE!

Internally the arena is constructed of interconnected chambers forming a simple maze, which for most of it’s area is over 6 feet or 1.82m high. To enhance visual effect of the lasers & to add the excitement inside the arena is gloomy with brightly coloured doorways and hide behinds.

The aim of the game is to venture into the maze & battle it out against the opponents in what is by far the most adrenaline packed game we have.The Game is best played in groups of 6 or 8 and works best on a 3 to 4 a side team game.

Each player starts on the outside of the maze and has 10 seconds to hide after activating the count down timer.

After the 10 seconds are up, the laser gun will power up and activate your ammo and life and this means its all systems go and the game will commence.

The guns shoot highly accurate yet safe class 2 laser beams (similar to a TV remote). A built-in voice synthesizer provides verbal instructions and game status from time to time & it records the number of bullets fired and damage recorded just like those state of the art centre would but without the hassle of big heavy vests or bibs to wear.

Remember this games all about light hearted fun so even if you have the shooting ability of an imperial storm trooper there will be a game to suit you please instruct our operators on arrival weather you wish to play for fun or compete.

Many are called. But few are man enough to take the pain. Now’s the time to take the challenge and get thoroughly blasted – if you dare?

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